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The O.H. Corral currently stands four Stallions at Stud to the public. Each stallion has a separate Service Fee and both have Live Foal Guarantee. 

Vet fees and agistment are additional to the Service Fee. 

A Breeding Contract can be downloaded from this site for your convenience.

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For any further information please pick up the phone and call us on 07 49951214, or email us via our Contact Us page. We look forward to talking to you and discussing our stallions and your mare’s breeding plans.

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To follow a trend is just that – a trend – it will change just as quick as it came. Everybody always seems to be looking for the ‘next big thing’! We have not been followers of trends. Our breeding program is based on something much more solid than ‘who won what, last weekend’. Our stallions carry proven bloodlines. Bloodlines that have been winning for 30 years and that are continuing to win. They are winning in all events, and have stood the test of time.

Over 20 years ago we started our Stud, first with one and then two “Hollywood Return” stallions.  These stallions carried no “Doc Bar” or “Little Peppy” in their lineage; therefore could offer a much wider gene pool and a larger ‘outcross’ than many other stallions. The stallion and mares retained, by these stallions are now the basis of our broodmare and breeding program. Two magnificent stallions have now been added to the stud, to move into our secondary stage of breeding.

The Australian Quarter Horse is where it is today because of their excellent temperament, sound bone structure, and trainability. They were imported to improve the hot temperament and light frame of the Thoroughbreds and Stock Horses. To the point now where the Quarter Horse is the most widely used horse in this country. 

However the modern, highly concentrated bloodlines, and trends to breed for a specific event have produced horses with fine bones, small feet, straight hocks, gross muscling and many other genetic problems. This comes from following trends. 

It has been stated by many trainers that sprint bloodlines are undesirable for working horses (cutting, reining etc). “Doc Bar”, (the base of most of the modern ‘cutting’ bloodlines), was a “bred in the purple” race horse, who was too slow. So how does their statement apply? The 6666 Ranch stated that “Hollywood Gold” crossed best with sprint-bred mares. Our stallions’ bloodlines offer both ‘working’ and ‘speed’. The “Hollywood” will guarantee the ‘cow’ and an intelligent, trainable mind. Add to that, speed and agility, with strong bone and good feet, and you will have a horse that will be cutting, reining, barrel racing, roping, campdrafting or showing, as good at 20 years old as he did at 4. 

That is the only trend we follow at the O.H. Corral! 

We invite you to take the opportunity to read “Australian Legends” written and compiled by Karen Thrun – Great reading and a wealth of history on Quarter Horse Bloodlines in Australia.