Clinics at the O.H.

Here at the O.H. Corral, we have over 30 years experience in both competition and training horses, however we get a great deal of enjoyment in training people as well. 

When Pat started competing, there were no schools or clinics to help you learn the right way to rope, or steer wrestle. When Liz started in the rodeo business, people were beginning to run schools, but they were very limited. The only way to learn was by trial and error. We studied articles in magazines, read training books, and took the opportunity to travel overseas and learn from other professionals. With that in mind, you may realise, the knowledge we have today has not come easy and has come from rolling up our sleeves and going to work at it. 

We conduct two “Week Long” Barrel Racing and Roping Clinics per year. One in February/March and one later on in the year, usually to coincide with school holidays. We believe this structure allows us to deliver a more “in depth” learning environment. Therefore allowing students that extra time to absorb training methods, understand terminology, and repeat exercises, thus gaining more from the clinic. From a student’s point of view, it allows time to relax, fit in with other students, ask questions, try new equipment, and deal with situations that may arise when they are back at home. We do individual lessons on an hourly or daily basis. 

Roping at Clinic

The clinics have a “Boot Camp” feel, where everyone eats together in a relaxed atmosphere and joins in with the “days” conversation. All sections of the clinic are videoed and played back. Beginners to the experienced competitor benefit from a series of exercises that form building blocks to fine tune both horse and rider. While ropers start at a ground level, working their way through to preparing to compete. Both sections work on mental preparation for competition. 

As far as our learning goes, we are by no means finished either, every day, every horse, every rider gives us the opportunity to learn. We are continuing to learn – to enable us to teach the best possible way to get to the Winners Circle because that is where we all want to be! 

Please feel free to contact us at any time regarding up coming clinics or lessons and stay tuned to this page for clinic dates.

Exercises at Clinic