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It has been said, “That without a past – there is no future”. These words could not be truer, when related to the Horse industry. If horses have no history, where does their future lie?

O.H. Corral bloodlines are steeped in history – ‘Hollywood Return’, ‘King” and ‘Leo’ grace the pedigrees of many of our horses. We have not only studied the bloodlines, but in most cases, have ridden the bloodlines that have continued to win time and time again. We know the bloodlines of many of the “greats” that have won in the past and the bloodlines that are winning now. By preserving many of the older bloodlines, we are now able to outcross them to the more “modern” bloodlines, producing horses that have ‘history’ in their veins, ability to work in their blood. Our horses are not only bred to work – but these horses are built to work. A strong leg and bone structure is an essential trait in the horses in our corral. Our horses combine plenty of cow with plenty of speed.

Liz – Heading on “Hollywood Ace”, Pat Heeling on Driftin in Hollywood CRCA Finals 2006 – Photo by AD Photography

Photo by AD Photography

We have been very lucky to have enjoyed many wonderful horses in our life thus far. Horses that have won many trophy buckles and saddles for us, but our greatest joy is to see our horses win for other people. It is a true gift to hear the stories of their achievements with not just any horse, but with their mate, a true friend that has become a part of their family. The friendships that our horses have bought to us are a blessing. The knowledge that we have gained in over 30 years has not been easily come by. It is for this reason that we enjoy helping other people to be successful in the field that they choose. We are all continually learning, with each day offering a new opportunity.

We believe that though we have had many good horses, our greatest horses are yet to come. They are a part of our breeding program that we have had under way for over 20 years. We hope you enjoy looking through The O.H. Corral, at our horses, our life, our dream, and you never know, your next ‘champion’ just might be tied up to the Hitchin’ Rail at the O.H. Corral!

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