Are you a member of Aus Campdraft Assoc?

The Answer is yes.

We have been members of the ACA, however we are not at the moment.  Our main competition year is with Rodeos, 3D Barrel Races and ATRA Roping, so it makes it hard to fit campdrafts in as well.  So we go when we have a free weekend and we can get entries in!!!


Do You Sell Hay?

Yes we do!

We have several grades of lucerne hay available at all times.  We also have Forage, Lab Lab & Millet, available in square and round bales.

LUCERNE –     1ST GRADE     –       Price varies throughout the season
                            2ND GRADE    –      Price varies thoughout the season

FORAGE/ LAB LAB & MILLET    –    $55.00 gst inc     – Round
                                                              $6.60 gst inc       –    Square 

Please phone us to see if we can meet you order.

Why are you selling this horse?

We are horse breeders, not just horse dealers. We have over 30 horses and we can’t ride them all for ourselves, and nor would we want to.

We are breeding our horses because have followed the bloodlines and know what lines are good and still winning.

We believe that they will be good horses and we want other people to be able to do as well as we have on them. The only ones that we keep, are to breed with in the future.