Are you a member of Aus Campdraft Assoc?

The Answer is yes.

We have been members of the ACA, however we are not at the moment.  Our main competition year is with Rodeos, 3D Barrel Races and ATRA Roping, so it makes it hard to fit campdrafts in as well.  So we go when we have a free weekend and we can get entries in!!!


Do You Sell Hay?

Yes we do!

We have several grades of lucerne hay available at all times.  We also have Forage, Lab Lab & Millet, available in square and round bales.

LUCERNE –     1ST GRADE     –       Price varies throughout the season
                            2ND GRADE    –      Price varies thoughout the season

FORAGE/ LAB LAB & MILLET    –    $55.00 gst inc     – Round
                                                              $6.60 gst inc       –    Square 

Please phone us to see if we can meet you order.

Why are you selling this horse?

We are horse breeders, not just horse dealers. We have over 30 horses and we can’t ride them all for ourselves, and nor would we want to.

We are breeding our horses because have followed the bloodlines and know what lines are good and still winning.

We believe that they will be good horses and we want other people to be able to do as well as we have on them. The only ones that we keep, are to breed with in the future.

Dun It Downunder

“Dun It Downunder” Imp – Deceased
Price (GST inc): Irreplacable.


Registration: Q-40026

Gender: Stallion

D.O.B. : 24/04/1997

Height: 14.3

Sire: Hollywood Dunit

Dam: Jodies Remedy

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Dun It Downunder

When opportunity knocks, you must answer the door!  “Dun It Downunder” is the newest additon to the O.H. Corral Stud.  He has been purchased, by the O.H. Corral stud and Denis O’Halloran.

“Dun It” needs no introduction – he is a proven sire of Reining Horses – Both Open and Non Pro, Working Cowhorses and Show performers with AQHA points in Halter, Western Pleasure, Reining and Trail.

Some of his winning progeny include “OP Dun It Up A Notch”, “OP Finally Dun It”, “Lil Puss”, “Dunit Out West”, “CL Okay Who Dun It”, “Strabbel Dunit on Dec”, “Leonter Dunit n Gold” and “Bamba Lamb” (G’randsire).  Some being exported to New Zealand.

However, what stands out the most with this stallion, is his DEPTH OF BREEDING.  His bloodlines, both top and bottom are outstanding performance horses and producers. 

His sire, Hollywood Dunit is a legend!  He was the first $1 million Reining Horse, and his earnings now exceed $6 million. He has NRHA, NCHA, NRCHA and ROPING Money Earners.  Most only associate “Hollywood Dunit” with Reining, because of the dominance of this bloodline in that event, however his prowess is not only in that field, he has progeny that are winning continually in the Cutting, Reined Cowhorse and Rodeo arenas.  In fact he has over 20 Top 10/ World Champions in Heading, Heeling, Tie Down Roping and Steer Roping.  These standings are from the Show Arena – add to that, the number that are winning on the USA Rodeo circuit, including 2 Grandsons who just won the big Salinas Rodeo Team Roping Heading and Heeling.  Add to that again, the NRCHA World and Reserve Champion – “Matt Dillon Dunit”, “SB Dun O Lena” and “Im Glad Im Dun”, to name a few, and this will give an idea of the number of outstanding “Hollywood Dunit’s” there are outside the Reining arena. “Hollywood Dunit” is ranked #52 in the All Time Leading Sires of Reined Cowhorses.

His Dam, Jodies Remedy“, is a producer of NRHA Money Earners, including “Dun It Downunder’s” full sister, “Hollywood’s Lil Star”, who was the 2006 NRHA, CRHA & Las Vegas LNP Champion, 2004 Del Mar National Horse Show Reining Champion and ’04, ’05, ’06 Jack & Linda Baker Reining Classic Finalist and ’06 Champion.  This is just a few of her achievements.  “Scoots Remedy”,“Jodies Remedy’s” full sister, also produced two NRHA – NRCHA Money Earners in “Hollywood Dun It Again” and “Mr Smart Little Dun”.  You should now realise that these two horses are both full brothers in blood to “Dun It Downunder”.

This is “Dun It’s” sire and dam, lets now go a little further into his second sires and dams.  “Hollywood Jac 86” is yet another legend.  He himself was the 1974,75 NRHA Non Pro Reining Champion, however he was a great producer of NRHA open and Non Pro Reining Champions.  So much so that he is still the #11 All Time Leading Sire of Reining Horses, with “Hollywood Dun It” #2 in the Leading Sires List. Add to that, 17 of his Stallions in the All Time Leading Sires list also, along with 9 Stallions out of “Hollywood Jac 86” mares.  Add again 15 grandsons to this list.  Now lets go a little further – The #1 All Time Leading Sire of Reiners, is “Topsail Whïz“, who is a G’G’ Grandson of “Hollywood Gold” and 3 of his best performed sons are out of “Hollywood Jac 86” mares.  It is a fair statement to say that the “Hollywood” bloodline dominates the Reining World!  Lets go to the female line, with “Blossom Berry”.  “Regina Bella” was her dam and she has a list of winnings to her name including, the 1972 NCHA Derby Champion, ’74 & ’76 NCHA World Champion and is in the NCHA Hall of Fame.  She also produced “Otter Run Terri” – #18 NRHA Broodmare List 2010.  As you can see these lines just keep on producing winners.

Lets go to “Jodies Remedy’s” sire – “Docs Remedy”.  He needs no introduction – LTE $1,159824.00.  Listed at #97 All Tiime Leading Sire of Cutting Horses, however his daughter, “Miss Dual Doc” produced “Dual Pep” who is #5 in the Cutting Sire Stakes. Perhaps of all “Docs Remedy’s” offspring, his most well performed son is “Reminic”.  He is the #3 All Time Leading Sire of Working Cowhorses,  #13 All Time Leading Sire of Reiners and #133  Sire of Cutting Horses.  That is no mean feat to be in the all three Leading Sire Lists.  

Where does “Reminic” come into this equation you ask? Arguably one of his best performed offspring, is “Reminic n Dunit” who happens to be by “Hollywood Dunit”, and is out of “Reminic Chex Bar”.  Several of this mare’s siblings (most full) are AQHA, NRCHA and NRHA Futurity and Open Winners. “Reminic n Dunit” is two times winner of the NRBC Open with LTE $163 000. “Reminic n Dunit” and “Dun It Downunder” are bred very similar.

There is Reining, Cutting and Working Cowhorse in everyone of “Dun It’s” veins, and it is for this reason that when such a horse as he, came available, we did not let him pass by.  Here at the O.H. Corral, he will be crossed over our “Hollywood Showdown” and “Moonshadow” mares.  This cross will give us horses that we know will Rein, Cut, Rope, Draft and Challenge, but will be pretty and talented enough to Show.  Always with the future in mind, he will cross over the “Phantom Of The Roc” mares that are retained by the stud, as well as crossing “King Hollywood” over his fillies.  Denis, of course has his interest in the Campdraft/Challenge arena, and “Dun It” will cross over his “Mabo” mares.

However, after looking into his pedigree and the number of Champions in his blood, and those that he has already sired, he is not just the horse for us, he is the horse for everyone who wants a horse they can do any event on.  If you need a horse that has speed, with athletic ability and a cool temperement but still has that inate “Cow”.  He will put bone back into the cutters, and a cool mind into the Campdrafters, and Challenges.  He will put the size, bone and most of all – the big Stop into the Rodeo horses.

So all that is left to say is that “If you want all of that in your next horse – you better have “DUN IT” !!!

Phantom of the Roc

Phantom of the Roc
Price (GST inc): Service Fee $990.00

Registration: Q26214

Gender: Stallion

D.O.B. : 07/01/92

Height: 15.1 hands

Sire: Roc ‘O’Lena (Imp)

Dam: Warana Bar

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Phantom of the Roc


· Numerous Campdraft Wins
· R.O.M. in Campdrafting
· 2004 Mt Isa Barrel Racing Champion
· 2004 Mt Isa All Round Cowgirl Title
· 2004 APRA All Round Cowgirl Title
· Winner at Breakaway, Steer Undecorating, Barrel Race

 “Phantom of the Roc” is the latest edition to the O.H. Corral Stallion Station.  He is the beautiful Buckskin Stallion standing at 15.1 hands.

Several competitors have described “Phantom of the Roc” as a “True Athlete” on the Rodeo Circuit.  Having won the 2004 Mt Isa Barrel Race and All Round Champion Cowgirl title, the 2004 APRA All-round Cowgirl and wins in Breakaway, Roping and Steer Undecorating one can see why he has be described as an “athlete”.  He won all this with his owner Suzie Fearon aboard.  He started his competition in the Campdraft arena.  Missing out on the final of the Warwick Gold Cup by 1 point is no mean feat for any horse, however he was just a four year old at the time.  He never missed a beat and went on to win numerous Novice and Open Campdrafts.  Once in Suzie’s hands, she turned him to the Rodeo arena when at Boulia Easter Rodeo and Campdraft she entered the Barrel Race just to ‘make up numbers’ and came second to Wendy Christie’s great horse “Major”, and the rest is history. 

Sire – “ROC’O’LENA”  –    A Cutting Champion himself, he is the sire of numerous Cutting, Barrel Racing,

Campdrafting, Reining Champions. He is the Sire of Traditional Roc, who himself is siring many Barrel Racing winners, including the amazing “Rocs Rager”.  “Roc Again” is another son who has made a name for himself, siring many Western Performance Champions.  He is out of the grand daughter of “Ann’s Hollywood”. The Roc’O’Lena – Hollywood Return cross produced Amaroo’s Roc’N’Return – a Champion Reiner with lifetime earnings of over $22 000.  Quoted as “The best horse I’ve trained and ridden” – The Ian Francis Story.

Dam – WARANNA BAR, was by “War Beaver” out of  “Roxanne Bar” herself.  Making “Phantom” a double cross “Roxanne Bar”. This mare is bred similar to Rachelle Moloney’s great mare “Roxanna Beaver”.  “Waranna Bar” has produced several other campdrafting and cutting winners. “War Beaver” of course produced many Champions in Cutting, Rodeo, and Show arenas.

We are now moving into the third stage of our breeding program, with fillies that have been retained for competition and stud.  These mares are by our “Hollywood” stallions out of our original “Leo”, “Top Deck”, “Go Man Go” and “King” bred mares.  Then, after several unsuccessful attempts at AI to outside stallions, the decision was made to select another stallion for the stud.  “Phantom of the Roc” is everything we are looking for – well performed competitor, versatile, bloodlines that have performed, good conformation with strong legs and bone, and just to top it off – a beautiful buckskin. He is everything that will complement our “Showdown” and “Moonshadow” mares.  The fillies retained from these matings will enter into the next stage and be bred to “King Hollywood”.  

If you have knowledge of bloodlines, you will know that “Phantom of the Roc” is a great-grandson of “Doc Bar”, and that we said our stallions contain no “Doc Bar” blood.  That is true – we have puchased him especially to put over our mares, who contain none of those bloodlines – with this cross we should ensure good highbrid vigour, especially in the double-cross “Hollywood” mares.

“George” as he is affectionately known, has sired winners such as Redberri Roc – ABCRA Novice Camp horse of the Year, and Rosevale Classic Roc, Futurity and Open Barrel Race Winner to name a few.  Suzie has retained a stud colt to continue on with.  Whilst “Phantom of the Roc” was purchased to breed to our O.H. Corral broodmares, we will stand him to the public.

“George’s” latest feather in his cap, is his daughter, “Halls Questolena” (with rider Jaye Hall aboard), who is sitting 3rd in the ASHS Supaquest Campdrafting series and 7th in the ACA Rookie Horse Standings for the 2011/12 Season.  Not a bad effort, for a rising 6 yr old.  I think that this proves that his foals will be definate Futurity pospects.

King Hollywood

King Hollywood
Service Fee $770.00 gst inc

King Hollywood
Service Fee $770.00 gst inc

King Hollywood
Service Fee $770.00 gst inc

Registration: Q-48210

Gender: Stallion

D.O.B. : 12/12/01

Height: 14.2h

Sire: Hollywood Showdown

Dam: Broomfeild Kings Melinda

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King Hollywood

King Hollywood was bred with performance in mind. His bloodlines are full of legends of the Australian Quarter Horse Breed. Our main aim was to obtain that magic cross of “Hollywood Gold” and “King P234” that produce “Hollywood Jac 86” and consequently “Hollywood Dun It” (USA leading sire of reining horses) and of course “Mr Moore 8” who was one of Australia’s influential sires (maternal great grand sire of cutting legend “One Moore Spin”. These are just a two of this cross that has influenced what the Quarter Horse is today.

This cross is going to give us a horse that is bred for cutting, reining and rodeo, but also the versatility to do any event well. This cross has given us a stallion that has the foundation of the legends that formed what the Quarter Horse is today, but has also given us a perfect outcross to the abundance of “Doc Bar”, “Peppy San Badger” and the more recent modern bloodlines of “Smart Little Lena” and “Pepto” lines that fill Australia at this time.

King Hollywood’s sire is “Hollywood Showdown” (ref to stallion page1), who is a grandson of “Hollywood Gold”

“Broomfield Kings Melinda”, King Hollywood’s dam, is an own daughter of “Hill King Pistol” sire of numerous champions in the cutting, rodeo, and show worlds. She was out of a “Mr Freckles Boy” mare. This cross proved to be a very influential one, and has produced numerous outstanding broodmares that show up in many of the winners of today. She was very successfully shown at Halter, winning numerous ribbons, and started under saddle before going on to breed.

King Hollywood has not disappointed us. He has the unequalled temperament of his sire, is athletic and intelligent, with plenty of cow and a big stop. His good conformation and pretty head just add to his eye appeal. His first foal crop has proven to have the same eye appeal, temperament and trainability.

King is working very well in the competition arena, with many wins in Rodeo Queen, with our daughter, Lacey-Jae at the reins. He is going very consistantly Heeling and Barrel Racing, where he has come up with some wins and places. The 2012 year will be his year to hit the competition trail where, he will be Breakaway Roping and Barrel Racing on a more full time basis, and he has not disappointed us! His first major competition, Delrosa 5 Head Breakaway Roping, he came 4th, Comet 10 head Breakaway he came 4th again, 3.1 seconds at his first rodeo, for 5th place, and placing high in 1D and 2D Barrel Races.

We know he will definitely be able to fill the shoes of his predecessors!

King and Lacey-Jae – 3.1 secs at Blackwater Rodeo – his first Rodeo
King at Blackwater Rodeo – 4th rodeo for barrel racing
King and Lacey-Jae

Hollywood Showdown

Hollywood Showdown
Reference Stallion

Registration: Q2563

Gender: Stallion

D.O.B. : 6/08/77

Height: 15h

Sire: Hollywood Return

Dam: Penny Plummer

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Hollywood Showdown


• R.O.M & Superior in Performance 
• R.O.M & Superior in Roping 
• A.Q.H.A Runner Up Rodeo Horse 1991 
• Winner of numerous Ropins, Team Roping (Heading and Healing), Barrel Racing, Rodeo Queens with both Open and Junior Aboard. 
• 1991 N.R.A Team Roping Champion 
• 1993 C.R.C.A Rookie Breakaway Roping Champion 

Showdown’s temperament is second to none. Having the ability to teach beginners to ride and rope, to taking them to the winner’c circle in many different events. This superb temperament, he passes to his progeny, giving them that “Hollywood” cowsense, and trainable mind. Many rodeos, I would use him to Head a steer in the team roping, bring him back to the box for others to Heel in the team roping. Pat would then Rope and Tie on him, I would Breakaway rope on him, then we put our 4yr old on him and she would ride him in the Junior Barrel Race.


He is full brother to “Rocket Return”, Hollywood Superstar, Hollywood Sunshine (Superior cutting Horses). When he was purchased by Pat and Liz O’Halloran, he was put straight into Rodeo Arena, where he excelled. He travelled the length and breath of this country competing until we started to compete on his sons and daughters.


Hollywood Showman – owner / winner of following – Kelly Woodhouse

• Runner-up C.R.C.A Breakaway Roping 1994 
• N.Q.A.B.C.R.A Breakaway Champion 1997, 1998, 1999, 2002 
• N.Q.A.B.C.R.A Barrel Racing Champion 1998, 1999
• N.Q.A.B.C.R.A All Round Cowgirl 1998, 1999, 2000 
• N.Q.A.B.C.R.A Breakaway Roping Champ and Runner Up 2003 
• Golden Run Pro Circuit All Round Cowgirl, Barrel Race and Breakaway Roping Champion, 1998, 1999 

Cedarview Nevada – owner Anita Campbell

• A.Q.H.A Youth Champion 1995 
• Winner of numerous Western Pleasure, Reining, Trail, Halter etc up to National Level 

Hollywood Showgirl – owner Hal Savil

• Open Halter (764 points)
• Amateur Western Pleasure (40.5 points) 
• Amatuer Trail (14 points)
• Amatuer English (1 point) 

Western Showdown – owner Grant Hanrahan

• C.R.C.A Junior Allround Champion 2002 
• C.R.C.A Junior Breakaway Champion 2002, 2003 

Hollywood Goodtimes – owner Darren and Mandy Jenkins

• R.O.M. Performance and Roping 
• N.Q.A.B.C.R.A. Rookie Breakaway Roping Champion 2000 

Hollywood Lion Queen – owner Pat and Liz O’Halloran

• R.O.M. Performance and Roping 
• First full year of competition 2003, Consisting winning in Breakaway Roping, Team Roping, and Novice Barrel Racing
• C.R.C.A Allround Cowgirl 2003 
• C.R.C.A Breakaway Roping Champion 2003 
• C.R.C.A Breakaway Horse of the Year 2003 

Pacific Return – owner Hillcrest Stud, campained by Neville McCarthy

• A.P.R.A Roping Horse of the Year 
• Winner of numerous Ropings, Breakaway Ropings and Junior Breakaway Ropings
• Performed in Night Clubs, Hotels, Shopping Malls with Country Music singer Steve Gibson 
• Cutting – He placed in his first cutting he competed in before he was campaigned in the rodeo arena 

Ultimate Hollywood – owners Maree and Michael Mapp

• Yearling Colt and Halter Winner on numerous occasions 
• 3 x Reserve Champion Colt
• Vic Reining Futurity Reserve Champion 2004 
• Qld Reining Futurity – 4th 

This is just a few that really excelled, there are many more that have done well for limited showing careers. Also most of Showdowns foals are yet to be shown, as he bred more foals in later years, then when he was younger.


Showdown’s Fillies are also proving to be good broodmares, with several of their progeny performing well.

Smokin Holly Return – Smokin Doctor x Thooruna Hollywood Carisma – owner Dodie and Jeff Keppel 

• Q.R.H.A Reining Futurity Winner (1998) 
• Q.R.H.A Reining Derby Runner Up (1999) 
• Winner of Youth Reinings 

Holly’s Phantom – Copyright x Hollywood Showgirl – owner Hal Savil and June Gatehouse 

• 1999 High Point P.H.H.A. Halter Colt 
• 2001 SEQPHHA High Point Halter Gelding 
• 2002 SEQPHHA High Point Halter Gelding 
• 2002 SEQPHHA High Point Performance Gelding 
• Points in Halter, Western Pleasure, Western Horsemanship, Trail 

Monika Mabo – Mabo x Hollywood Gaytime – owner Leona and Greg Vievers 

• 37 A.Q.H.A points in Campdrafting
• R.O.M. in Campdrafting in first year of drafting 

This is just a few that we have kept track of. Showdown produced more males, than females, when he was younger, so most of our mares by him came later, so we are just starting to breed them now.

Hollywood Moonshadow

Hollywood Moonshadow
Deceased – Reference Stallion

Registration: Q-15700

Gender: Stallion

D.O.B. : 23/12/85

Height: 14.2

Sire: Hollywood Return

Dam: Boolarong Cinnamoom

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Pedigree and more pics if applicable

Hollywood Moonshadow


R.O.M. Campdrafting

R.O.M. Performance

R.O.M. Roping

Winner at Barrel Racing, Western Pleasure, Reining

2 x C.R.C.A. Breakaway Roping Average Winner

3 x Highest Cutouts from 6 Campdrafts

Finaled every draft, from 6 Campdrafts 

For the first part of his life, he was not utilized in the Performance Arena or as a sire, however once purchased by Dennis, Pat and Liz O’Halloran, he was immediately put to use in the competition arena and stud duties. So much so that in the space of 3 weeks he won 1 Breakaway Roping, placed in the Rope & Tie, won the Novice Barrel Race, and 5th in the Ladies Barrels, won 2x Highest Cutouts at Alpha Campdraft, placed in a Western Performance Show, and was just under the placings in a Two Handed Cutting. This is a true tribute to his versatility, his ability and his love of competing. This is why it has been said that “Whatever you want to do – you can do it with a ‘Hollywood’” 


Hollywood Return needs no introduction – he was a Superior Cutting horse, having won and placed on many occasions. He won Campdrafts and took numerous Steer Wrestlers to the pay window. He has sire Cutting Futurity winners, Reining winners, Show winners , Campdraft winners and many Rodeo Timed Event winners. 


Boolarong Cinnamoon (Gunalda Girl AJC) Won in excess of 20 Sprint Races and holds Track Records. She was many times winner at Halter, including the Prestigious Champion Quarter Horse Mare of the Brisbane Royal 3 years running. Her sire was the imported running horse “Moonglider” by “Top Moon”. “Top Moon” Is the grandsire of “Bugs Alive in 75”, leading Barrel Racing horse sire. 

Moonshadow’s progeny are now starting their careers in the Campdrafting, Roping, Barrel Racing and show arenas, with several already winning at these events. Lion Wood, Gunnedoo Holly, Hollywood Drifter, Hollywood Roxy to name a few. 

He is regrettably no longer used for competition due to a permanent injury. His superb temperament, combined with a tenacious attitude to his competition and his love of his work, has made a large space left to fill in our truck. Lucky for us we have another “Hollywood” to fill those shoes.